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Nahdet Misr Initiative for Reforming Education
(Our Dream for the Egyptian Students)

Following the revolution of change and reform sparked by the Egyptian People on 25 January, and out of our concern to help everyone, individuals and institutions, to do their duties to revive their native Egypt using all of their potential to meet this end, “Nahdet Misr for Publishing" has launched a societal initiative aiming at developing education in Egypt with the participation of people who are interested in the educational process; those people who share the dream of achieving a better future for our children by presenting radical, comprehensive and quick means of development; and by developing a real consciousness of the importance of education which is considered the cornerstone for building a glorious society which would be armed with the tools of its time and able to maintain progression.
The initiative concerns with developing the three components of the educational process: the teacher, the student and the school. It enables everyone to participate in presenting his dream, whatever it is. Moreover, we will develop the ideas on our website under the name of its presenter and we will allow adding comments to enrich the discussion boards and increase the benefits. And in addition, we will publish an annual document including all of the ideas after incorporating them into fundamental areas including the names of the participants.
The initiative aims at developing the pre-university education to reach an integrated project out of a popular will, that project would be useful for students, teachers and even anyone who is interested in the educational process. And last but not least, we hope to receive the participations of all sectors of the whole society to be a real contribution out of the Egyptian people...for the Egyptian students.

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